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Häufig gestellte Fragen

When I start Qware® Riskmanager the first time I have to enter a username and a password. How can I log in?

Risk analyses developed with Qware® Riskmanager can contain sensitive data. Therefore the access to the system is secured by username and password. For testing purposes, the following users are created during installation:
Demo User - Project Management:
Username: sieber
Password: peter

Demo User - Administration:
Username: admin
Password: admin

The bundled examples can only be viewed and I cannot change anything. It seems to be read only. What am I doing wrong?

A fresh installation of Qware® Riskmanager contains three example projects. Every project comes with a first version. In order to document the current status of the risk management process, the statuses of these versions were frozen. Hence it is not possible to modify these versions. To obtain an editable version, you can copy the latest version in the project manager. The copy contains all the data of the source version, but can be modified without limitations.

When I create a new user in Qware® Admin and I log in with this account the example projects are not shown in the project manager. How can I change this?

Users who are logged into the project manager see only those projects where they have team member or project leader roles. If you log in as “Peter Sieber”, you will be able to add a new user to the appropriately authorized group, under “Risk management plan / project team”.

The "Unfreeze graph" button is disabled - how can I unfreeze the graph?

Only members of the project leadership group can unfreeze the graph. Furthermore, if the version is already closed or released, this also disables the "Unfreeze Graph" button. This can be verified by checking the status of the "Version closed" checkbox on the "Version data" page. Closed versions can no longer be modified. If the version is not already closed it is also possible that the “Analysis and Evaluation" section is frozen. This section can be unfrozen on the "Decide about implementation" page.

Some fields and buttons are marked with a red asterisk (*). What is the meaning of this star?

All fields marked with the red asterisk are mandatory fields, all the other fields are optional. Risk analyses do not require input for absolutely every field, but input is necessary for the indicated fields.

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