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MEDiLEX – the interactive loose-leaf binder for health care

MEDiLEX is an interactive reference tool that acts as a single source for all the latest information on EU legislation in the fields of medical equipment and in vitro diagnostic devices. It provides all the relevant documents in one tool.
The concept of MEDiLEX is that of an interactive loose-leaf binder. What sets MEDiLEX apart from printed works is its network structure. The individual documents are interconnected with numerous cross-references. With an integrated full-text search, MEDiLEX enables you to locate quickly and accurately the passages and terms which are important for you. Tedious searching is a thing of the past.
Order your MEDiLEX license today! There is no risk: if you are not won over by MEDiLEX, you can return the goods within 4 weeks to get your money back! Click here to go to our online form to request your trial account:


Overview of MEDiLEX

  • MEDiLEX-Startseite
  • MEDiLEX-Suche 2
  • MEDiLEX-Bekanntmachungen 2
  • MEDiLEX-BGV und BGR 4
  • MEDiLEX-Europaeische Umsetzungen 7
  • MEDiLEX-Normung 4
  • MEDiLEX-Praktische Arbeitshilfen 3
  • MEDiLEX-Verodnungen zum MPG 1

MEDiLEX is a web application and thus integrates very comfortably into your existing work setup. You only need a web browser to make use of the content in a familiar environment.
Numerous documents and tools are linked in MEDiLEX through a simple menu structure. In addition, all documents are linked with each other, so you can always refer to definitions and other relevant passages.
The full text search allows you to query across multiple documents and shows you all the relevant results for the search term you used.
In addition, MEDiLEX offers numerous tools and utilities. A detailed dynamic questionnaire helps you to classify your products according to European Directive 93/42/EEC.
A constantly updated assortment of planned and adopted standards ("What's new") makes it easy to keep track of ever-changing regulatory requirements. Numerous checklists and templates in Microsoft Word® format also lighten your daily workload.

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