This is us

Our aim is to support you personally with your project right from the start and advise you on all questions relating to your medical software or medical app. That’s why our qualified co-thinkers are passionate about developing your software solution from our five locations in Germany.

And it’s just as simple as it sounds: you describe your vision to us and we provide you with the matching medical software.

We check exactly which technology suits your project. With our expertise and many years of experience, we will guide you to your goal in the long term – not only today, but also in the future. This means that you can rely on your medical software in the long term.

Where does our experience come from? More than 10 years experience in software development in the regulated medical and pharmaceutical environment. Benefit from our broad technological know-how and the expertise of the BAYOOMED team.

Miriam Schulze
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bernd Seidenspinner
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Olga Koziol
Lead Verification and Validation Engineer

Let our collaboration become a success story

Several of our happy customers talk about their experience of working with us. Here you will find an insight into some of our success stories.

Because not all of our  mainly large, medium-sized companies and major international corporations are authorized to talk about our joint projects, you will only read about a handful of projects here. However, you can still get an idea of what our collaboration could look like.

What makes the collaboration with us special? We think ahead.

We at BAYOOMED all have something in common: We think ahead. What may sound simple is, however, the basic requirement for successfully completing so many projects. After all, our customers confirm time and again how valuable thinking ahead is for a project. At the same time, this ability is also the foundation for a partnership of equals.

Because we provide you with tailor-made solutions that we develop with dedication and an eye for your goals. Because we Think ahead , you will receive a sustainable software solution that you can count on in the long term.

What we understand as thinking ahead?


IT departments often find it difficult to understand what the specialist department needs in terms of a suitable software solution. Our process of thinking ahead begins with intensive listening and understanding of requirements, also in the areas of Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Legal.


As an objective, external partner, we have a fresh perspective. This is how we approach the process in a result- and target-oriented manner. We analyze your wishes based on these 5 questions: Why? What for? Who? How? Until when?

Thinking ahead

We don’t just keep an eye on the tree, but on the whole forest. We are therefore already asking ourselves, what could happen to the medical software solution in the future. Because we have many years of experience looking at projects, we know where potential sources of error lie – and are able to avoid them in advance.


We check the adaptability of findings from other projects and incorporate our know-how into your solution approach through knowledge transfer. From our practical project experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. This saves us unnecessary detours and allows us to hit the ground running right from the start.


The last step in our process of thinking ahead is to reflect. True to the motto “Reduce to the max”, we focus on the targeted added value for your company. Functions that are not used later anyway are often the cause of failed projects.

Good to know: We are part of the BAYOONET Group

BAYOOMED is an independent GmbH and part of the BAYOONET Group. In addition to a total of seven highly specialized companies, the YOOme brand is also part of the Group.

How can you benefit from this? We bundle comprehensive expertise under one roof. YOOme unites five partners as the largest corporate network for the development of medical devices in Europe: user interface design, product design and UX, development and production, medical software and legal manufacturer as a service.

The basic understanding of all GmbHs in the BAYOONET Group is responsible and sustainable cooperation with our customers. As early as 2001, this led to the process of thinking ahead, which we still use in our day-to-day work.