Why is DTx important?

DTx refers to evidence-based therapeutic measures that are controlled by software (e.g. apps) to treat medical conditions. These digital solutions combine medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology to provide personalized and effective treatments that empower patients to take control of their condition.

Mobile healthcare

DTx ensures that healthcare is not dependent on time and location. Patients can access these therapies from home. This ensures continuous treatment and support.

Personalized therapy

Every person is unique, and DTx solutions recognize this diversity. They offer customized interventions that adapt to a patient’s needs, preferences and progress, improving the effectiveness of treatments.

Data-driven intervention

DTx platforms collect valuable data and provide healthcare professionals with real-time insights into patient behavior and progress. This data-driven approach enables personalized adjustments to treatment plans and prompt intervention.

Empowering patients

DTx empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare. Interactive interfaces, educational content and progress tracking features motivate them to stick to treatment plans and make healthier lifestyle choices.

What is important for the development of DTx?

Clinical evidence

Clinical studies and research are crucial to validate the efficacy and safety of DTx solutions. A thorough check ensures the credibility and reliability of your digital therapy.

User-centered design

The user experience comes first. Intuitive interfaces, easy navigation and engaging content are key to keeping users motivated and engaged. A seamless user experience encourages higher engagement and compliance to treatment plans.

Data security

Data protection and data security are essential for building trust with users. This is crucial for the success of any DTx platform. Compliance with local requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA, as well as implementation of state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures, are an absolute must.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

The development of a DTx requires interdisciplinary teamwork to ensure that the DTx solution is comprehensive, evidence-based and user-friendly. Only the integration of medical professionals, researchers, designers, software developers, risk managers and many other experts on topics such as market access and operations enables a comprehensive view of the requirements for the DTx solution.

Digital therapeutics that change lives

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