An AI-based app for users who rely on an intrauterine system (IUS) for contraception. They can now find a special range of services in the app stores. Together with Jenapharm, the software developers from BAYOOMED and experts from BAYOOCARE have launched the MyIUS app. The software is designed to help users familiarize themselves with their IUS both before and after insertion and predict their individual bleeding profile.


For users as well as doctors, the CE-certified medical device offers several advantages:


  • Comprehensive information about IUS

  • Reminders of check-ups and preventive care appointments

  • Documentation of the cycle after IUS insertion

MyIUS – with artificial intelligence and a patented model

But artificial intelligence and a patented model make even more possible. This is because the MyIUS app creates a prediction of the future bleeding profile based on the user’s personal entries. A summary of the data can also be sent to the gynaecologist by email or printed out as a report.

Learn more about MyIUS

Would you like to find out more about the MyIUS app? You can find a detailed description of the practical companion for users of hormone IUDs/IUS at Jenapharm or BAYOOCARE.

Or download the MyIUS app directly. And get to know the app directly: For Android or iOS.