The functionality of a smartwatch combined with the features of a hearing aid – Sonion combines both in components and solutions for hearing aids. In addition to high-quality micro-acoustic solutions for hearables, the Danish company designs and develops technologies for hearing systems with the mission of helping people to listen to each other, their bodies, the environment and the world.

The realization of innovative ideas for the hearing aid industry is part of the company’s philosophy. One example of this is BiometRIC™, a hearing aid component that enables continuous, real-time medical monitoring in the ear canal. The component, which is designed as a Receiver in Canal (RIC), is able to measure biometric data of wearers in order to detect, among others, cardiovascular disorders at an early stage. In future, users will be able to access this real-time measurement data and analysis via an app. Modern frameworks, such as React.Native, also enable the perspective operation of Android.

Senior Product Marketing Manager Senion

Kees van Dashorst

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Sonion

First joint steps

Initially, Sonion used the turnkey solution PUMA for Android to test the functionality. The problem: “We wanted our own app for iOS that would fit our requirements and our company perfectly,” reports Kees van Dashorst, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Hearing Health at Sonion.

Specifically, a high-quality health app with individual functions and data protection guidelines was to complement Sonion’s portfolio. “So I was looking for a company that develops medical apps for iOS and handles the data provided in the same way as the Android version.”

At MEDICA 2019, Kees van Dashorst contacted experts for the development of software solutions – including BAYOOMED. Not only the presentation as an exhibitor on site, but also the BAYOOMED team convinced him. “It quickly became clear to me that BAYOOMED is very familiar with the development of medical apps. The references also showed that,” says Kees van Dashorst. “BAYOOMED fitted the profile that Sonion was looking for in app development.” BAYOOMED was able to prevail against two other companies in the pitch and the project began.

Unsere Geschichte mit sonion

Start for the development of the Simba health app

The idea for the new app, the desired functionalities, requirements and the design were quickly sketched out. Nevertheless, the implementation took some time. “During the project, we had to set new priorities, which unfortunately had put us behind schedule,” says Kees van Dashorst. With a new project management plan, the BAYOOMED team finally continued developing. “Simba is our first own app – and hardware is actually Sonion’s DNA. But in the joint project with BAYOOMED, Sonion was able to gain a lot of experience with software,” he says.

Above all, the short, uncomplicated communication channels characterize the partnership collaboration to this day. “The BAYOOMED team is a great help with its openness and expertise. We discuss solutions and they also implement special requirements,” says the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sonion. “The good discussions always help me personally too.”

Release of BiometRIC™ and health app Simba is imminent

With the innovative RIC hearing aid as well as the individualised software solution, Sonion continues to position itself as a leader in the development and manufacture of components as well as solutions for hearing systems. “With Simba, we are launching a completely new product for Sonion. This will be an exciting phase – and BAYOOMED has provided us with wonderful support.”

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