Further development for the statutory direct health insurance fund

Online instead of offline, digital service instead of paper forms: BIG direkt gesund has been pursuing this concept since 1996 as the first statutory direct health insurance fund in Germany. The “BundesInnungskrankenkasse Gesundheit” (BIG for short) thus reaches around 505,000 insured persons. In addition to the 24-hour telephone service, the online branch and the meineBIG app are the main points of contact for customers.

The app was launched together with BAYOOMED back in 2020. Since then, more and more customer requirements have been added, so that the collaboration has been steadily maintained over the past four years. Together, we were able to bring the app to a level that customers rate with at least 4.5 stars in the app stores.




“Insured persons mainly contact their health insurance provider when they need a service or want to submit an invoice – this should work quickly and intuitively. Our digital channels can reliably guarantee this.”

Natalia Boldina, Product Owner App at BIG



First of all, the login area has been adapted so that it is now also possible to log in using facial recognition or a fingerprint. The electronic inbox is currently about to be released. Processes have also been simplified – both for users and for the BIG team itself. Together, core features have been developed further and legacy issues have been disposed of.

This also included the decision to change the technology behind the app. “Thanks to many years of collaboration, there is a certain level of trust and BAYOOMED already has good knowledge of BIG and its processes,” reports Natalia Boldina in an interview. The decision to switch technology was therefore much easier and was made with a good feeling.

The collaboration with BAYOOMED partner UID has also taken the partnership to a new level. The design agency took care of the app’s UI design and provided additional incentives to optimize the user interface. Frameworks will also help to create new concepts more quickly in the future.




“The integration of UID GmbH has brought additional professionalism to the collaboration. The exchange with both UID and BAYOOMED was uncomplicated and respectful at all times.”


Natalia Boldina, Product Owner App at BIG


The meineBIG app has been available free of charge in all app stores since October 2020. With a new design and now even more user-friendly features, it vividly illustrates the digital concept of the direct health insurance company. However, there is no standing still, the app is constantly being further developed to meet the requirements of both policyholders and the market.

Shaping the future of the direct health insurance company BIG direkt gesund together – an exciting project in which the BAYOOMED team has once again been able to gain a lot of new experience and will continue to do so.





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